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One time setups for development & deployment tasks : Oracle SOA

After you configure your SOA environment as per the link

The above documentation gives you steps till starting up both Admin and Managed Servers

There are few one-time tasks to be done in Jdeveloper for making our development and deployment tasks easier

 Setting up Application Server Connection

Create an application server connection to the Admin Server in your SOA Doamin so that you can deploy directly to any of the soa managed servers residing in that domain

Follow the steps given below to setup an application server connection

Resource Pallette –> New Folder icon at the top –> New Connection –> Application Server

Provide a connection name

Provide Admin Server credentials

Provide Admin Server details and domain name of the SOA Environment used

Test and Finish

Going forward, you’ll use this connection name during deployments through Jdev


Setting up WSIL Connection

WSIL or Web Services Integration Language is used for web service discovery and integration. This is similar to UDDI, but different in the way it delivers the resources. UDDI is centralized while WSIL is decentralized, actual resources in this case lie in the server hosting the services itself.

In Jdev, you can setup a WSIL connection from the resource pallette

Resource Pallette –> New Folder icon at the top –> New Connection –> WSIL

Provide Admin Server credentials,

WSIL URL will the a file inspection.wsil residing in the respective server(in this case, the Admin Server)

WSIL URL : http://localhost:7001/inspection.wsil

Test & Finish

Setting Up Custom Partitions

In order to logically group your composite application deployments, SOA Suite provides a feature called partitions.

In EM, rt click on soa_server1 –> Manage Partitions

Manage Partitions screen comes up.

Here, create your own custom partition that you will use to deploy it to later


Note: Application Server Connection set up in step 1 and Partitions created in Step 3 are used during deployment from Jdev in “Select Server” and “SOA Server” screens of the Jdeveloper Deploy wizard.

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